Guest Post Guidelines

Please submit the following ONLY AFTER your topic has been ok’d

  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • Your website address if applicable
  • A well researched and well written article between 500-900 words
  • A high-res photo of yourself (700 x 525 pixels is preferred otherwise some cropping may occur)
  • A short bio (no more than 125 words) about who you are. You may include one do-follow link back to your homepage of your personal blog as well as 1 social media link if you choose
  • Please submit to info at ballercoach dot com

Things We Insist On

  • Do not plagiarize – We check all content thoroughly. If you quote someone from another site, give them due credit by listing the link to the quote or article for us. 
  • Original content only – Re-spun, pre-published or other types of unoriginal content will not be accepted.
  • Any referencing to outside content should be to high quality and authoritative sources. We reserve the right to remove outside links or add them at our discretion. Most outside links are no-follow with some exceptions.
  • We encourage all our writers to take their time and submit only their best work. We want to make lasting relationships with our writers and this is one of the best ways to do that.
  • Once published, takes sole ownership and possession of any and all copyrights associated with the guest post and correlating media materials. Guest posters cannot republish their guest post elsewhere. All published guest posts must remain unique to at all times. 

Things We’re Flexible On

  • Ideally we like articles to be between 800-1200 words but we’re flexible. Please no fluff though. We want value driven content. 
  • We reserve every right to edit for grammar, spelling and any needed formatting prior to posting. 
  • We may ask you to work with us in making small changes to your article that better reflect the values and needs of our audience or small changes that may help the article fit better into the continuity of our site
  • PLEASE do not take any changes we ask for or small edits we make to your work personally. Changes are in no way meant as a negative reflection towards your work. We sometimes have a very specific goal in mind behind the scenes based on SEO or previous commitments to sponsors
  • Please submit an image or two that compliments your post (include credits when necessary to all images)


Q. How long does it take to get a topic approved?

A. We aim to let you know within one or two days as to weather or not you should write that article.

Q. How long does it take for my article to show up on

A. We do our best to have your article up within a week after you’ve submitted the final draft to us however we can make no solid timeline promises

Q. What are the chances my topic will be accepted?

A. If your topic is related to basketball directly or health and wellness and is evergreen in nature (meaning it’s always relevant and not seasonal or time sensitive) there is a good chance we would be happy to work with you on it. We are always looking for fresh opinions and ideas.

Q. Should I include internal links to other relevant BallerCoach articles?

A. Absolutely! We would love it if you did.

Q. Am I expected to reply to comments on my post?

A. Any relevant comments on your post will be forwarded to you. We would ask that you take the time to reply to these comments as soon as possible as this will help generate conversation and ultimately encourage more social media sharing, traffic and exposure.

Q. What if you don’t like the article I write?

A. We want everyone to do their best. We know there are a lot of rules to follow. We want you to succeed with us. So if there are small changes that we can help you you make or it’s obvious that you are trying to work with us, we will get to a published article together. The pre approval of topics helps a lot with this. 

That being said, some people try to cheat the system by submitting what is obviously 20 mins of garbage work slapped together and mostly plagiarized, unchecked and unedited. They do this to grab a quick back link without putting in the hard work needed to produce quality content. We want to work with people, not systems.

There may be times when we just can’t make our differences work. It happens in life. In this case we simply part ways. We delete any unpublished content you’ve submitted so that you’re free to offer it elsewhere on the web if you like.

Can I Link to the Post From My Site?

You are certainly welcome to link to the post from your own website if you like.

What About Sharing the Post with My Friends Via Social Media?

Absolutely! The more eyes on your post the better. Encouraging your friends to share will increase the chances of people visiting your site from ours!