COVID19 Basketball

COVID-19 and Basketball

COVID-19 has dealt a real blow to basketball as a sport in general. With the NBA looking for new ways to broadcast games and the every-day players looking for ways to play while quarantined the virus has had an impact that will remain for some time. 

How to Play Basketball Without Catching COVID-19

If you’ve ever tried playing basketball with gloves on it can be not only a real challenge but also dangerous. The ball can easily slip through your hands on even the lightest passes. There is a real need for anti-viral basketball material. Some sort of material that can kill bacteria quickly enough that one player won’t be able to give the virus to another while passing the ball around. I’ve heard of nothing yet that fits the bill but I’m optimistic as there may be some possibilities for real financial gain if someone were to come up with something. 

Best Practices During Practices

It’s easy to remain safe during practices if each player keeps their distance and uses their own ball however that obviously is not a solution. Basketball is a team sport and requires teams to be able to practice together. That being said, it is possible to social distance while practicing some individual drills in order to maintain your skills until a cure or vaccine is found. 

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