Title - Michael Jordans top 50 plays of all time

Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays

If only I could go back in time!

I was young when Jordan was in his glory-years but I would give anything to have seen him play in person. No other NBA player has ever reached the combined level of skill and fame this man has! Cool under pressure, smooth in the air and the ball connects with his hands like its a part of him.


Michael was born on Feb 17th 1963. He was born in Brooklyn but grew up in Wilmington NC. He was raised in a busy household with four siblings and parents who taught him life skills and how to stay out of trouble on the streets.


Jordan has done some very cool things both on and off the basketball court. He owns a restaurant called Michael Jordan’s The Steak House which features some incredible looking burgers. Made my mouth water just looking at pics of them.

Michael was a Nike spokesperson for years and has had a hand in creating some of the most popular basketball shoes in history. Nikes line of Air Jordan sneakers has brought the brand a tidy sum of cash for this supercharged, sought after, commodity.  


From 1984 to 1998 Jordan played for the Chicago Bulls winning 3 championships and taking ah a year off in 1994 to mourn the loss of his father. While retired from the NBA, Michael did a stint as a Minor League Baseball Player with the Birmingham Barons, farm team for the Chicago White Sox.


Jordan returned in 1995 to his Chicago team where he helped the Bulls win another 3 championships over the next few years and retired for a second time in 1999. His retirement didn’t last long as he returned to the NBA this time as President of Basketball Operations as well as a part owner of the Washington Wizards.


In 2002 Jordan relinquished his ownership in the team and returned as a regular player but for the Wizards this time. In 2003 Jordan announced his final retirement from the game and we have not seen him return since.


But who knows, maybe he will return as a coach at some point. He seems to have a hard time staying away from the court.


With the highest career scoring average in history (30.1), Michael Jeffrey Jordan will undoubtedly remain king of basketball for years to come.


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