Title - Nerds Hustle in the Hood

Nerds Hustle In The Hood!

The Plot

A fine young group of intellectuals stumbles onto the basketball court only to embarrass unsuspecting locals with their mad skills. Such is the story found in this video.

Real or Set Up

Ok so I really think that there is absolutely nothing real about the way this basketball game went down but it’s still a lot of fun to watch. Its exceptionally dumb that they take off their outer clothing as they go to leave. Why? Seriously! I really hope they went back for their clothes after. That’s just a waste. And more importantly, that’s littering!


It was good of them to let the locals get up to 5 and really start to think they had the game all sinchd up. It would have been so demoralizing to lead 5 zip and then be destroyed, not making another solitary point. That hurts!

It really does look like they are having a blast once they get going. It would be so much fun to play ball with these guys. I would just end up embarrassing myself 🙂

Are They Famous

Apparently these guys are all friends and must like playing together in their down time. I’m really not quite sure how any of these guys have any down time. They are all making a name for themselves in one way or another. Maybe not “A”-listers yet but some of them are definitely on their way to the top.

Here’s a bit about each of the players.

Dallas Anglins

Dallas is from Montclair NJ and is 6’2″ and 180 lbs and went to the University of Northern Colorado. At one point he wanted to major in communications and was taking on a full scholarship by playing ball. His favorite shoes are his Jordans Olympic 7’s.


PHresher is a HipHop recording artist who’s worked with Remy Ma and Desiigner. His real name is Kashaun Rameek Rutling and he’s from Brooklyn NY. Before his career in music took off he was a paraprofessional helping special education children.

Phil Ductan

Phil Ductan is an actor known for his work on Assassins Creed and Uncle Drew. He’s majoring in exercise science at Lehman College and has two sisters. His goal is to be a successful celebrity fitness trainer.

Jay Rwanda

Jean de Dieu Ntabanganyimana, AKA Jay Rwanda, is a 25 year old model and was dubbed Mr. Africa in 2017. He comes from a Christian family and loves to play ball and dance.

Brandon Alexander

Brandon Alexander AKA Coop, attended Bergen Community College and is 6’5″ and 195 lbs. He’s from Inez, TX.

It’s Only Fair

This videos great. I’ve watched it a bunch of times and it really is fun to think that they totally caught the home court players off guard. Whether they did or not is up to the audience I think. I just hope they didn’t keep the locals cash, ;P


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