Title - Pickup Basketball Stereotypes - Dude Perfect

Pickup Basketball Stereotypes – Dude Perfect

My kid loves these guys! Who’m I kidding, so do I. They make some fantastic videos and this one is no exception!

There is certainly some truth to these pickup basketball stereotypes.  

  • Mr. Excuses
  • The Football Player
  • The “My Bad” Guy
  • Mr. Accessory 
  • The “Looks Can Be Deceiving” Guy
  • The Dad + Kid
  • The Player Coach
  • The Rage Monster
  • The Old Guy
  • The Imaginary Dunker
  • The Foul Guy
  • The Lose-Lose Situation
  • The Tall Guy That Only Shoots 3’s
  • The Pants Guy
  • Mr. Freeze
  • Mr. Shoulda Made The League
  • The “Misses All Game, But Banks In A 3 For The Win” Guy

It’s not a game of pickup till one of these guys show up!


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