Title - Spiderman vs Deadpool Basketball

Spiderman vs Deadpool Super Hero Basketball

The Plot

Deep in the suburbs of Forest Hills NY, Peter Parker is working on his jump shot when his spidey senses start tingling. Out of nowhere comes a new class of superhero, Deadpool.

The two battle it out on the court in an effort to prove once and for all, who the better baller is.

All Bets are Off

My bets on Spider Man! Poor Deadpool just wants to be part of the team but Spideys just not havin any of it. And did Deadpool travel there in that second move. It was still sick, don’t get me wrong but I’m wondering if he really has changed..trying to cheat in a pickup game. Not cool Mr.Pool, not cool!


This is actually number 6 in the series of Spiderman Basketball by Professor Live. The professor has some crazy moves and cuts so hard that I’m sure he’s sprained countless opponent’s ankles.

Hollywood Bound

There are some really cool moves in this video but the actings a bit hard to watch, lol.  Still very creative.


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