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Adidas Cloudfoam Ultimate is a Cut Above the Rest

These shoes are all about the looks. With material eyelets and a material crested logo on the tongue, the Cloudfoam Ultimates sleek design gives the wearer something truly amazing to boast about. An almost denim style material is used liberally throughout this shoes design and gives it a more high-class feel. The subtle use of the triple-stripes on the sidewall only enhances the look that makes Adidas great.

Looks aren’t everything though and Adidas has proven that you can have the best of both worlds. Looks and functionality. The thicker sole of the shoe gives added protection when a player hits the ground hard. It allows for a more comfortable all over feel that helps the player endure longer, more intense games with fewer injuries and discomfort.

Proven Traction and Safety

A simple chevron pattern on the shoes bottom accentuates its ability to grab the court and stick to it when needed. It’s slip resistance indoors and out contributes to a safer more enjoyable game time.

Ankle Support

One thing of note may be the lack of ankle support. As a semi-low top shoe it could use a bit more structure to give the ankle added protection and help prevent against sprains and strains.

Sturdy Heel Structure

The back of the heel is sturdy and again leans towards the fashion side a bit with the Adidas logo embedded in the rubber support structure that continues on from the inner sole lining.   


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