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Adidas Explosive Bounce – Designed for Players

Great looks! Great comfort! Great value!

First off, the Adidas Explosive Bounce is a really solid choice for players. You can tell right away that they provide the sturdiness and comfort needed to really play hard. A great choice for any position on the court and they play well both indoors and out.

The looks of the Explosive Bounce are second to none. One of the most frequent comments from players about the looks of this shoe is that the tread is really unique and stylish. It’s got a great pattern that mixes well with the Adidas triple-stripe and gives great traction while hugging the court.

Breath and Stretch

A mesh top layer offers amazing breathability and stretches well without losing any foot hold. Your feet feel secure without giving up the ability to move inside the shoe. A wide shoe base gives extra balance and structure to the shoe.

Ankle Support and Safety

Ankle support is always a big draw for any serious player and this high top provides all the needed strength to keep your ankle from moving or twisting. The ankle is cushioned by light weight fabric that is comfortable and cool.

Proper Sizing

One thing we noticed was that this shoe fits just a little small so you may need to consider going up one size from your usual to really get the ideal fit.


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