adidas shoes with red back

Adidas Hoops 2.0 Designed to Wow

A throwback and tip of the hat to the originals. Style meets function.

A classical rendition of the Adidas brand shoe style, this beautifully crafted sneaker will impress everyone both on and off the court. It boasts the traditional triple-line sidewall and the Adidas logo is prominent on the back and tongue.

The logo can be found again on the tread which hosts a herringbone pattern and deep grooves to help maintain traction in every circumstance. These shoes are most often seen in the solid black or solid white versions however there are some speciality color pallets that use accented hues to add interest.

Confidence and Stability

With great cushioning and an average but ample width to the base, this shoe is a basketball players dream. The solid build is able to give anyone a boost in confidence weather playing indoor or out.

Functional and Comfortable

The Adidas Hoops 2.0 is lightweight even with its high top ankle support. They hug the ankle area tight while maintaining great comfort and control. The breathable material lends itself to hours of basketball enjoyment and helps keep feet from overheating.

Light Weight Feel

Some shoes with a similar style and looks are bulky, heavy and can really weigh down a players feet. This can make jumping more challenging and reduce the amount of time spent walking, running or playing. These shoes do just the opposite and help energize your feet.


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