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Adidas Performance Crazy Bounce is One of a Kind

Designed with comfort in mind!

The Adidas Performance Crazy Bounce basketball shoes is one of Adidas best basketball shoe in our opinion. They managed to combine great looks, great technology and a great feel all in one.

With a slightly lighter tread and what seems to be a bit tighter tread pattern we would prefer to use these shoes indoor but they are really great for outdoors as well. The shoe base is quite wide which gives some extra support and a more balanced and comfortable feel when compared to some other shoes.

Lightweight Material

Made of a lightweight and airy material, the shoes side paneling holds the foot tight without overheating or restricting its movement.

All About Ankle Support

Ankle support is far from an afterthought with the Adidas Performance Crazy Bounce. High top cushioning wraps the ankle in a protective bubble that allows the player to feel its strength and support. It features soft material that maintains its structure after many wears and blends seamlessly into the rest of the shoe.

Secure Feel

With several eyelets going up the side of the shoe towards the top of the tongue, there is plenty of stability and structure to keep the players foot secured when fully tied in.

Smooth and Finished Look

This shoe finishes off nicely with a great, solid look to it. It’s symmetrical, top down appearance  A prominent Adidas logo on the tongue and a rubber tipped half toe give it a smooth, contoured texture that would make anyone look great.


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