The Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet

I love playing basketball and I couldn’t imagine being in pain every time I got on the court. But for some people thats their reality. I imagine that it could be quite disheartening to suffer with flat feet and be unable to find a shoe that offers proper support for your arches or the lack thereof. Flat feet should not deter you from playing your favorite sport.This article / review will hopefully bring a bit of relief by helping us choose the best basketball shoes for flat feet that will support and comfort the flat footed amongst us 🙂

What does it mean to have flat feet?

Simply put, flat feet refers to a lack of arch in the foot. For some people there can be pain and for others they are perfectly fine. Most people have no problem walking and may not even realize they have an issue. Normally being flat footed doesn’t really effect the daily life of those with the condition. The primary challenge comes when they get involved in rigorous or strenuous physical exercises. Some find running and jumping to be a bit painful at times and as we all know, there is a lot of running in a well played basketball game. The absence of proper footwear can really have a negative impact on your performance.

How do you know if you have flat feet?

If the entire sole of your feet from heel to toe touch the ground when your standing, there is a good chance that you have flat feet.


Here’s a quick and easy test from WebMD to get a better idea:

  1. Get your feet wet.

  2. Stand on a flat surface where your footprint will show, such as on a concrete walkway.

  3. Step away and look at the prints. If you see complete imprints of the bottom of your feet on the surface, then you’re likely to have flat feet.1

How do you get flat feet?

It seems pretty obvious that some people are just born with this problem but some may actually acquire it later in life from a foot injury like broken or dislocated bones, stretched tendons, obesity or even nerve problems.

Lets get educated

Parts of a basketball shoe

A little knowledge about the different parts of a typical basketball shoe and some of the nomenclature surrounding it may help you make a better buying decision in the end. Every part of the shoe comes with distinctive qualities that have major impacts on its performance and durability.


There are three major components of the basketball shoe:

  • The Upper

  • The Mid Sole

  • The Out Sole

The Upper

This is the fabric material area from the top of the rubber sole to the collar area near your ankle and it’s divided into three types of shoe.

      • High tops – Wrap around your ankle

      • Mid tops – Come to just under your ankle

      • Low tops – Often cut part way into the upper and are more of a running shoe than a basketball shoe (Generally speaking)

It can be difficult picking between these three types. I find I like the looks of the low top over the other two but the high top gives the best ankle support.

The Midsole

This is the cushiony area that the foot rests on. It generally has built in support for your foot and should feel like it curves and contours to the shape of the bottom of your foot. If there is too much arch support in the midsole you may find that your flat foot is unable to tolerate any extra padding that may have been included in the design shape.

The Outsole

This is the rubber tread on the bottom of the shoe where it meets the floor. Remember, think soft rubber on the bottom to increase traction.

What to Look for When Buying Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet?


There are a number of features we are looking for to support our flat feet but the most important by far is comfort. We want to ensure we get a shoe that we feel comfortable in. Keep in mind that getting that perfectly comfortable pair online may require you to purchase two or three pairs and return the ones that don’t live up to your expectations or fit the way you need them to.

But before placing that order let’s go over some other really important factors that may help us make the right choice.

Ankle Support

Running with good ankle support

One of the significant factors that require our consideration is checking out how much ankle support the shoes offer. I know, what does supporting your ankle  have to do with the bottom of your foot? But consider this; if you have flat feet due to a past injury, the last thing you want to do is re-injure yourself. If the shoes have good ankle support, it will keep your feet stable and which will in turn prevent against further injury, hopefully. So proper support will help protect you from making the condition any worse and will also protect you from other injuries at the same time. Win-Win!.

Comfortable Sole

A game of basketball entails a lot of running and jumping across the court all through the game. A comfortable sole will ensure necessary support to your flat feet.

A Proper Fit

As far as importance, having a proper fit is up there with comfort. It is so imperative to ensure a proper fit when picking up a pair of basketball shoes. Wearing shoes that are too tight or too loose can is really hard on your feet. If you find your shoes just don’t ever quite feel right. It’s possible that you need an alternative lacing system. 

Flat, soft, comfortable sole

The sole of any shoe is one of the major components we need to look at when buying a pair of shoes. Softer, flat soles are not only comfortable to wear but usually more durable than a harder sole and more slip resistant. Quality’s the key here because we need that sole to absorb the shocks and jerks from jumping and running, which will in turn keep your feet safe and happy. And a happy foot is a….weird foot?


Deep shoe treads

When looking for the right pair of basketball shoes, check out the traction. Have a look at the bottom of the shoe. You want to see a slightly soft rubber with deep treads when possible.  They should be clean as well. Slipping during an aggressive game can be a real quick way to end a season early. Avoid outsoles with continental rubber. They may last longer (arguably) but they seem to offer less grip on dusty floors. Regular rubber traction is your best bet and will allow you to safely make those confident cuts and surprise moves all day long.

Cover Material

Like a good wine, your feet need to breathe. Ok, not the best analogy but it’s true. Sweaty, damp socks trap moisture around your foot making it uncomfortable and inviting all kinds of bacteria and fungus. So although not directly related to your flat feet. It’s still an important quality in any shoe choice. Breathable fabrics such as FUSEDMESH with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) coating will help prevent your skin from brushing against rough material and allow as much air as possible to circulate around your feet. A woven design can also help allow for more air flow.

There is hope for flat feet athletes

Major brands like Adidas performance and Under Armour extensively research different foot types including flat feet and how they fit and move with their shoe designs. They aim to deliver the best on-court shoe experience a customer can have.

This has empowered them to come up with an extensive range of shoes that targets the whole population including the small group of flat footed people. The market has a lot of options that support their needs and ensure they are able to play their best game without any limitations.

Don’t let flat feet get you down. There are some amazing basketball players who have the same problem and have excelled at basketball including:

  • Patrick Ewing
  • Dwayne Wade
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Tim Duncan

These are some of the best ball players ever so history clearly indicates that by picking the best basketball shoes for flat feet this issue does not have to hamper your sports performance at all.

What are the best basketball shoes for flat feet

A lot of basketball shoe brands are available in the market, perfect for a person with flat feet. Let’s check out some of the top shoes and see if they suit your requirements.

LeBron Soldier 10

When foot safety is a major concern, this pair from Nike could fulfill your needs without any issue. They allow you to be ambitious and play a rough game without getting distracted by discomfort or foot pain. This shoe gives you good ankle support, necessary cushioning and good traction all coupled with amazing looks. Thus, it covers all the bases nicely. Your flat feet condition is not going to hold you back from scoring high with these babies.

The outsole of the shoe is designed with a gel material that can be seen through small windows in the traction area. It helps the wearer with greater flexibility and imparts a decent level of grip. The geometric sole patterning varies in size ever so slightly across the bottom. Nike throws its signature logo on the bottom of the shoe which really enhances its aesthetic appeal. EVA foam cushioning in the mid-sole offers necessary comfort to the wearer. It’s a perfect mix of high functionality and impressive looks.

These shoes are available in interesting colors like blue, pink, white, red, black and more. It’s price point is definitely reasonable for the high caliber workmanship that went into it. Flat footed athletes should be able to rest assured knowing both their performance and foot safety is in capable hands.


  • These shoes are made of  a breathable fabric.
  • They offer ample ankle support in all situations.
  • Decent traction for the price.
  • Cushioning built into the upper area of the shoe.
  • Has easy lacing velcro straps.


  • Some complain that the underfoot cushioning could use more focus
  • If your like me and not crazy about using velcro straps rather than laces than that may be a small hurdle to overcome. It may be worth getting used to though.

Under Armour
Curry 3

Next is one of the most well-performing and consistent signature lines on the market, Under Armour Curry 3. It is a fairly recent entry in the basketball footwear market but has already carved a nice little niche for itself with players.

In my opinion, the Curry 3’s are both the best Under Armour basketball shoes for flat feet available on the market today. This shoe offers amazing court feel and traction allowing basketball players with flat feet to make quick cuts to the hoop and killer crossovers. It’s lightweight and firm cushioning help minimize impact jerks. Your feet stay completely cocooned and protected through the whole game.

The shoe comes with a perfect blend of AnaFoam and Threadborne which gives you increased flexibility, comfort, and an overall nice fit. Fuse layers on certain areas make it quite durable and the Herringbone traction pattern makes it a killer option. It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor players. Remember to wipe it lightly to get rid of fine dust accumulated on its surface before playing indoor. It really is a  a low maintenance option.

These shoes are known for their amazing fit, helping players put in their best performance. Wide footers can go for half a size up while narrow footers can go for half a size down if they feel the need. Its lacing system lends more support and ensures a secure feel in the midfoot area.

For players that really play hard, its wide base is a real bonus. It is undoubtedly a solid shoe and a notch higher than its previous models.


  • This shoes is made from very comfortable material.
  • It has some great traction for indoor and out.
  • The wide base is great for protecting your foot overall without feeling cumbersome.


  • Some players with flat feet have said that it takes a fair bit of time to break these shoes in.
  • The firm cushioning seems to be a pro for some and con for others. It really depends on what your used to.

Hyperdunk 2015

This option from Nike has been pretty consistent throughout the years and continues to be a solid shoe choice. This model is particularly known for its great traction. Perfect to use indoors and out. It really grips the floor, allowing for greater control when there may be dust, dirt or debris on the floor. The durability of the product is a real bonus as well.

Its upper is made up of textile fabric with Fuse overlays. The material is thin, strong. This shoe should last you a good long time and really breaks in nicely after a few weeks. As far as fit is concerned, it scores high points. It doesn’t feel too wide or too narrow. It offers amazing support to the wearer which, remember, is what we are looking for when choosing basketball shoes for flat feet. They offer great protection and the slightly oversized heel works nicely with the overall look of the shoe. It’s quite flexible and stable with a simple flat outsole and herringbone design on the out sole.


  • There’s really good traction incorporated into the design.
  • The shoe has a really nice fit.
  • Excellent support structure for extra protection.
  • It has amazing foot stability and containment.


  • Some have said they find that it doesn’t provide enough movement for their ankle bone.
  • Others didn’t like the break-in time.

Hyperdunk 2015

As far as responsiveness and cushioning are concerned, this pair is uniquely reactive. The Zoom bag below the ball of the feet responds nicely. There are multiple Podulite zones that nicely compress as soon as your foot meets the surface. At the same time, it warrants a lot of break-in time which seems to be the only issue with these shoes. As far as cushioning is concerned, it starts responding after a few wears which is very reasonable. Similar to the Adidas Performance shoes.

Its traction makes it one of the major reasons serious serious basketball players love these shoes. The groove placement and augmented herringbone pattern are nice and it’s amazing grip makes it easier for the basketball player to change directions quickly.

The responsiveness and cushioning factors give these shoes a boost with the compartmentalized pods. Extra rubber in the shoe base enhances traction on the balls of the feet.

This is one of the more durable shoes on this list  and various parts of the shoe like the heel, toe box and midsole remain intact even after a lot of wear and tear.

These shoes have a perfect fit and lock your feet in nicely. They are well-ventilated thanks to the mesh design, allowing enough air to pass through to cool your feet. It’s a perfect pair for an aggressive game.


  • This shoe is designed for quick transitions thanks to its no-sew uppers.
  • It sports Zoom Air technology which provides lightweight cushioning and is amazingly durable.
  • It also incorporates Podulon cushioning which will help with impact protection and responsiveness!


  • Some players find that the forefoot feel needs to be smoother.

Hyperdunk 2015

Let’s start with traction. The translucent rubber used in the outsole design is easy on the eyes. This cushiony rubber sheds dust and dirt that may accumulate over time quite easily. As with any basketball shoe, the grip on the court can be maintained with proper maintenance and cleaning.

The rubber can feel a bit tacky from time to time however this only enhances traction. It is not unusual to find some rubber fraying in high wear areas revealing a fresh layer of rubber.

The shoes cushioning is really its primary attraction. The hexagonal zoom pad is bigger and better than ever. You can expect a fairly smooth run when fresh out of the box which is great if your not into breaking in shoes.

Placed evenly and in strategic areas, the zoom pods provide some fantastic protection without feeling overly bouncy.

Offers a good fit but it never hurts to try it on once if your buying from a brick and mortar store.

Keep in mind that this is a low top and feels like a low top. You have and an enhanced range of motion but very little in the way of ankle protection. The wide footbeds help with this by providing extra stability.

This shoe comes in a variety of generic colors which could make this a very nice unisex shoe. Nike actually makes some of the best womens basketball shoes for flat feet as well so check out the rest of their lineup if your looking for kicks with great looks.


  • This shoe has a very good fit and offers the comfort you need for flat feet.
  • It’s made of strong and supportive material.
  • It provides great cushioning for coming down out of jumps.
  • Colors are generic and subdued making these a great unisex shoe.


  • It has a reasonable amount of support and traction but some say they would prefer more.

Final Thoughts

Well that rounds out our list of some of the best basketball shoes for flat feet and it’s time to make a choice. Since every basketball player looks for something unique in the shoe he is wearing, choosing a perfect pair will of course be dependent on how the shoe feels on your feet. That being said, I find myself loving the Nike Air Force I. The technology has me fascinated and the look is great.  I think they are also, overall, the best outdoor basketball shoes for flat feet.  

Here is a final checklist of things to look for when picking out your pair of shoes with flat feet in mind.

  • Make sure to pick a robust, soft and flat sole that will match the profile and contours of your feet.
  • Ensure that you pick a sole that can absorb powerful impacts and any stress that results from jumping up and down vigorously on the court.
  • Don’t forget, your feet bottoms need to stay relaxed enough to endure an aggressive and fast-paced basketball game without resulting in excruciating pain. Make sure there is enough cushion in the midsole to remain comfortable throughout the entire game.
  • Traction, traction, traction. Your trying to prevent from furthering an injury if you’ve had one and prevent any future ones if you don’t.

The above checklist will ensure you are able to get your hands on a pair of basketball shoe that ups your game performance, protects you and helps to bring out the best in you as a player.


Get it? Cause this articles about feet!  🙂 ….Nevermind…

Many players and their coaches are skeptical about how their performance can be impacted due to flat feet problems and not properly protecting those feet.

Just like many other games, balance is essential when playing an aggressive match against aggressive players. Having a lack of necessary balance from flat feet can have a seriously negative impact on their game.

Picking up proper basketball shoes meant especially for flat feet players can often solve these problems to a significant extent and allow the player to play a competitive game.

Happy Shopping!

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