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For Players in Pain: Here are the Best Basketball Socks for Blisters

If you’ve ever come home after a hard game and taken your shoes off only to find your feet have been destroyed, your not alone. I went on the hunt for the best basketball socks for blisters that I could find and came up with some great options. 

There are a number of places to get basketball socks that will help limit the development of blisters. Any decent sized retail store or online market will offer a wide range of options. In this case you’re looking for socks that protect the feet so that you don’t develop blisters in the first place. 

How Are Blisters Formed

Your foot is covered in layers of skin and when a blister forms it does so in between the top two layers. When friction builds up on the surface of the skin a blister develops at the top layer to protect the layers below. It’s a mechanism the body uses to limit the damage caused to the under-layers of the epidermis. [1]

What is the Stuff Inside the Blister

Blisters are filled with a number of fluids including mucus, blood, pus and other pleasant sounding liquids. As the blister forms, cells in the area begin to leak this fluid into the stretched skin pocket. It’s really quite an amazing thing.

Should I Pop a Blister

Nope, don’t do it! Remember that the blister developed to protect the underlying area. By popping it you leave yourself open to infection and your also not giving that area of the body time to heal properly. By removing that new pillow of protection your taking away your foots safety mechanism. Your better off giving it the time it needs. 

Is it the Shoes

Sometimes it’s not the socks that are the problem but the basketball shoes that are creating your pain. Are your shoes too big? Too small? Maybe they are too thin and your getting blisters on the sides of your feet. Maybe it’s just time for a new pair. Sometimes the shoes are the real culprits in the blister game.

It may be less important to find the best basketball socks to prevent blisters and more important to find the right shoes to fit your feet properly.

What are the Best Socks For Blister Prevention

A good place to start is with Dri-Fit socks. They offer a great feel and will help keep your feet dry by absorbing the sweat. This will in turn allow your feet to maintain their traction inside the shoe and help prevent those blisters. 

Another great place to find socks designed to limit blistering is to have a look at running socks. Running socks are designed to keep your feet cool and breathing while you pound the pavement. 

The best basketball socks to prevent blisters and going to be the ones that are designed to keep your feet dry even in the most intense games.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to spend a whole lot of money to get quality sports socks that deliver on comfort but don’t cheap out either. Protecting your body from harsh elements like your lips in the sun and your feet on the pavement is of utmost importance. Just remember to look for technology that helps keep your feet moisture free where possible and that will go a long way towards preventing the pain of blistering feet. 


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