Title - best high top shoes for men

Best High Top Shoes for Men

What would you need to know before putting your money up for a pair of athletic high top sneakers? Any basketball player or athlete would obviously like to own a pair of shoes that provide comfort, are very efficient, come in different styles and have performance enhancing features.

Your search for the perfect athletic shoe ends right now because once you go high top, you will never go any other way. Functionality, durability, comfort and efficiency are all the qualities you will note in any kind of high top sneaker brand or design.

High top sneaker are the ideal shoe if quality is what you’re after. They are a timeless pair of athletic shoes, come in different sizes and designs, to suit different budget ranges. The designs are also available to match your different basketball jerseys but can also be paired with other clothing as well.

What Should I Consider When Buying a High Top

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High top shoes come in a plethora of different types and designs to suit different tastes. They come in various styles such as trendy, classy, formal and luxury. That’s right, you can get a formal basketball shoe. There are also different colors which can be used to express your sense of style by opting for one tone colors, multi-colors, metallic colors and safe neutral colors which can be worn with any color of clothing.

High top shoes come in different shapes and sizes. It’s not unusual to find that your size differs depending on the type of shoe-cut that you choose. Some high-tops have a tight fit and this means that you may need to get a size up or half a size up in order to get that comfortable fit. I found that I needed to go one size up for every pair of my high top sneaker because I have wider feet.

There are so many advances in the designs of today’s basketball shoes. You want to ensure that you get a design that has the capacity to match the level of skill you posses as well as the amount of energy that you exert during games.

You want to be certain that the shoes you pick have the technology and ability to protect your feet from the impact that is generated during a hard landing after you jump. The energy from these impacts needs to immediately be redirected into the rubber sole of your shoe. They also need to steady and support your foot during those first few steps after a hard landing or a multi-directional movement.

High tops come in different fabrics such as suede, leather, canvas or mesh. I personally prefer the leather fabric for a more formal look but the mesh for game time. When picking a fabric type consider the weather. For instance, wearing genuine leather to play ball on a rainy day is going to quickly destroy your shoes.

If your set on having a high top sneaker to wear off the court then consider buying two pairs. One for games and the other for dress. In addition, the type of fabric often plays an important role in determining the price, durability and comfort level so if you are cash strapped, you can forget genuine leather and maybe go for a stylish mesh.

What Type of High Top Should I Buy

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If you already own a pair of high tops then you may have noticed that there are several designs which have lace-ups while others are plain slip ons. I would suggest the slip ons if your not big on tying up your shoelaces however laces are definitely going to give you better support across your entire foot as you can tighten and loosen them as needed. I would also encourage you to try out the zipper high tops if you find your laces coming undone a lot during games. A nice double knot would help too of course.

The designs for high top shoes come in either thin or thick fabric designs. The thin designs offer more flexibility because they are less bulky and thus are more appropriate for a casual look or for extended running. The thicker designs offer extra comfort on the sole and ankles due to extra padding and additional thickness of fabric. The thick kicks are ideal for athletes who spend a lot of time on the court and are especially good for asphalt basketball pads and courts.

The fabric from which your high tops are made can determine what will work for you in terms of maintenance and functionality. Leather is durable and easy to clean. Suede offers that luxurious and soft look. Canvas is light and well aerated, very practical to wear in the summer. The mesh fabric also provides good aeration. Other designs have mixed fabric.

If you would like extra warmth for your feet during winter, it is worth noting that high tops have ankle coverage which provides a small amount of additional warmth, coupled with a tight fit which keeps the cold air at bay. This definitely improves training time during the cold winter months, especially if your using a high top with a knitted fabric.

How to Prevent Foot Odor

Smelly socks

You may have experienced bad odor coupled with sweating from the soles of your feet. To avoid this, you need to keep your feet dry and well aerated while wearing your high top sneaker. My advise? Get Ortholite insoles, as they are easy to clean up and aerate after each use. You can also make sure that you wear a clean pair of socks, each time you wear the shoes. I used to experience bad odor in my high tops after each wear, until I started to use an antiperspirant on the soles of my feet. You could also apply some baby powder on your soles, in order to reduce the amount of sweat.

I would also encourage the use of shoes with perforations on the sides, or aerated soles. These provide the much needed ventilation, which reduces the amount of heat discomfort and cuts down on the inevitable sweating that occurs.

The ventilation will provide excellent air circulation and help keep your feet a little cooler in the area between the inner lining and your foot. This effect is an advantage because you will experience added comfort and a decrease in the overall weighted feel, which will enhance your ability to lift your feet off the ground and run with additional speed.

Benefits of a High Top Sneaker

Believe it or not, high top sneaker are actually quite protective. Some can cover your entire ankle adding extra support. This ample coverage gives that added comfort and padding as you jump and land on your feet or run up and down the court. This protection also covers the sides of your feet and the sole. Complete comfort of your entire foot will reduce the amount of pressure that is exerted on your heels and your ankles.

The added protection to the ankle, which is prone to injury as you make sudden twists and turns is made possible by the added thickness of the fabric, especially around the ankle which acts as a shock absorber.

High top kicks are not just for basketball players any more. Off court, the high tops can be worn for that classy or informal look with a pair of jeans or formal pants. Versatility is what we look for in a great pair of shoes, right? I can attest to the fact that high tops are one of the most versatile shoes that exist on the market. I feel like a million bucks when I’m wearing a new pair of kicks with a dress shirt, rolled up sleeves and a nice pair of pants.

It’s true that some high tops feel a bit heavy but in some cases this can be a good thing as it may mean a greater amount of fabric was used in its design. This means that the fabric is going to keep your feet in place and the extra rubber should be even more shock absorbent. In some cases this may even help prevent fractures or even plantar fasciitis (aka Policemans Heel).So as long as you don’t feel like it’s dragging you down during a game it may be worth the tradeoff to add an extra few ounces to get that extra stability and protection. Something to consider either way.

What are the Best Uses for High Top Shoes

Nike Air Shoes

I have found that the best functional use of a high top sneaker are specifically for basketball, but that being said, there is no reason not to use them in other sports. Thanks to the added ankle comfort and protection provided by the shoe, the injuries to the muscles and ligaments can be minimized.

Apart from that, I have also used high tops for outdoor activities which require me to have sufficient coverage of my ankles, like going out into the wild on nature walks. They are awesome for this! They offer protection without having to wear heavier boots. You can also wear them if you are doing an activity that requires a lot of standing and walking around. Your feet shouldn’t tire as easily with this type of shoe.

Which is Better, High Top or Low Top

There is a controversy on whether to wear or not to wear high tops for sports. This debate has been fuelled by the recent liking of low tops by some prominent basketball players. If you check out the reviews further down in the article it should be clear that the pros of high top sneakers far outweigh the cons and are (in my opinion) the better athletic shoe for basketball players.

The high top sneaker has a fabric that extends way above the ankle which protects it to some extent and its associated muscles. The potential injuries that would result from the twists and turns that come with playing hard core ball are diminished to a large extent by this feature. The extra padding also gives that added shock absorbing effect we talked about earlier which is essential when sudden turns and heavy landings happen.

For basketball high tops might be a better choice than the low tops, considering the fact that the high top is more functional and comfortable on the court.

What You Should Know Before Buying Mens High Top Basketball Shoes

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There are a number of things to consider before getting yourself a pair of high tops. First of all, what will you use them for? Are they for basketball training sessions or are they just to have as a fashion statement? If you are getting them for training purposes, you will want to opt for the most comfortable and durable pair on the market. Stay away from low end or cheap shoes. If it’s a style issue than by all means, scour the disconut section for the best pair of high top shoes you can find.

Secondly, What’s your style? Do you prefer the thin or thick fabrics when it comes to your shoes? What color do you prefer? The type of fabric and color will determine how much you are likely to spend on the pair. You want leather? Be prepared to spend a pretty penny.

Third, are you keen on high maintenance shoes? If your a bit lazy like me when it comes to taking care of your shoes, you might want to opt for the leather fabrics, which are much easier to clean. The canvas fabric may be more difficult to clean and may require you to purchase some shoe fabric cleaning detergents or protective sprays.

And finally, there are different styles of high top sneakers. You need to choose the size and style very carefully, otherwise your body type may look disproportionate to the shoe style and size. For the ladies, if you want to create the illusion that you have longer legs, you may want to choose high top shoes that come with a larger heel wedge, which provide extra height. Guys, if your really looking for a sporty look, low tops with ankle socks might be a better bet.

Product Reviews

Check out these reviews of some of our picks for the best high top sneaker or shoes for men!

Neo Cloud Foam-ilation

These high tops are known for their high comfort level, thanks in part to a rubber based sole, with an inner lightweight liner. They come in a few different colors such as cloud white, core black and matte silver.

The Adidas logo and the inner lining come in contrasting colors, with accentuated perforations on the sides. These add to a polished look and provide great ventilation and a sleek look. These shoes can be found in both leather and fabric versions.

They are very durable and are come in both adult and children’s sizes.

This product has a great look and style to it as well as some serious cloudfoam cushioning. They make a perfect shoe to wear day in and day out. They also come in a mid cut with a leather upper.


– These shoes are so comfortable due to their rubber sole design

– They have highly comfortable lining fabric as well

– A neat leather design, with perforated detail on the sides, front and back give them a great look

– They have cloudfoam lightweight lining and a cloudfoam midsole which gives a step-up in comfort and superior cushioning


– There seems to be some synthetic fabrics used. This really could be a pro depending on how you feel about synthetic fibers.

– I found there to be limited colors available unfortunately


This product by Under Armour has a synthetic upper wrap which hugs snugly around your foot. This is a perfect feature because it provides a precise fit and is lightweight. Definitely a contender for the best high top sneakers or shoes for men. 

It has a poly-synthetic shell which provides structure. The entry is asymmetrical, with a burrito tongue which adds to the level of comfort and a much needed tight fit around the ankle, for protection. It has a strong external shank and heel which fit well on the sole to provide stability to the heel, arch and forefoot. This great feature prevents sliding. 

This product by Under Armour has an anti-odor technology provided by the Ortholite® sockliner which prevents the odor that comes with excessive sweating. It also has an anti-friction top cloth which keeps the foot cooler by reducing the amount of heat. 

The midsole has fully charged cushioning which acts as a shock absorber from impacts and converts this charging into energy in the form of a responsive burst to enhance first-step speed and change of direction. 

There is additional grip and floor control thanks to the multi-directional organic herringbone outsole.


– This shoe is very durable.

– Under Armour has added support around the tongue.

– The shoe feels very comfortable as long as you get the right size.

– Truly excellent cushioning.

– Very light weight.

– Comes with a charged midsole which converts impact energy into energy bursts for first-step speed after impact.

– And it has anti-odor technology. Thank You Under Armour!


– Some have complained of the shoe fitting a bit tight so you may need to get a size up in the end.

– For this same reason there is the possibility that it may not be as comfortable for a wide footed person.

Under Armour
Clutchfit Drive 2

This is another great basketball shoe by Under Armor. It has excellent features, one of them being that it has the ClutchFit technology which wraps around your foot with a lightweight “second skin”for additional support and excellent fit and feel. 

Another feature is the 3D molded tongue which enhances the fit around the foot and ankle due to its anatomical design. 

It has a Micro G® sockliner with added cushioning that gives added stability as it keeps the foot locked in place, preventing sliding. 

Under Armour has incorporated an energy absorbing midsole that absorbs the energy given off from impacts. This energy is then converted into responsive speed. Under Armour really truly excels with this technology. 

The outsole has a herringbone which gives great control and high comfort during multi-directional movements.


– The shoe is very comfortable and highly stable.

– A very stylish choice if I do say so myself.

– Comes with excellent ankle support.

– It’s highly durable.


If your looking for leather in the midsole you may be out of luck with this one.

– Some players have said they experienced some discomfort in the heel for the first use but once broken in they were all good.

Air Jordan 12 Retro “Flu Game”

This pair of Jordans was designed to commemorate the 1997 NBA Finals where Michael Jordan scored 38 points while suffering from flu-like symptoms and wearing these shoes. He went on to lead his team to win the championship, hence the belief that the magic in the game was contributed to these shoes. 

The design has a very comfortable inner lining and ankle protection thanks to the extra ankle fabric. The leather trim completely covers the shoes. The outsole and part of the midsole are varsity red while the rest of the shoe is black leather. Such a great retro look. 

The tongue bears the iconic Jordan logo and incorporates a lace up design. 

The sole is very strong and gives the shoe its much needed durability. This shoe is mostly worn on the court as the design is not always appealing for a casual or formal look but I think they are great both on and off the court myself. 


– A very comfortable shoe to wear on or off the court.

– These shoes have an extremely durable design to it.

– A very sleek looking design as well.


– It seems to have very limited color options which is kind of unfortunate however the color option they did use is fantastic.

Crazy Explosive

This product reduces the fatigue that comes with extensive play time on the court. It boosts your performance by energizing the sole of your feet with each movement you make, no wonder they got the name ‘explosive.’ 

These shoes wrap up the foot in adaptive support and are extremely comfortable. They’re lightweight, for extra lift and speed. This shoe is ideal for players that are unpredictable and have serious speed and technique on the court. 

Adidas Crazy Explosive sports an anatomical lace system that moulds to the foot for maximum comfort and protection. It holds the foot tight, wrapping it for stability which relieves pressure from hard impacts and limits over twisting. 

It has excellent grip thanks in part to the extension of the outsole onto the level of the midsole. The sole is extremely durable, providing extra lifespan to the shoe. 

I have found that the lace system is quite extensive and provides additional support and a better fit, which makes them easier and more comfortable to play basketball in. This high top is made from a combination of different fabrics, making it very comfortable to wear and easy to keep clean and looking great. The knitted top designs offer extra warmth in the winter months. 


Some seriously great ventilation provided by the mesh tongue and insert on the heel.

– The shoe relieves pressure on the sole courtesy of its anatomical design.

– The fabric used is very durable.

– The shoe provides energy boost to the sole of the foot.

– It has a great rubber outsole wrapping.

– Always seems to be a perfect fit thanks to the extensive lacing system. 


– Some have voiced concerns over the fact that it can sometimes be difficult to clean the designs that have a knit top fabric.

Final Thoughts

One very important honorable mention would include Chuck Taylors Converse Chuck Taylor. The only drawback to the Converse Chuck Taylor is that they are not a basketball shoe. They are all looks but definitely not suited for the court. The Converse Chuck Taylor does however offer good feel with great looks combined with a decent price tag so I wouldn’t write them off completely. The Converse Chuck Taylor is also made of a light weight, breathable, jean style material so just some food for thought. 

The Adidas Crazy Explosive high top reigns superior to the other products in my opinion because it has the much needed energy boost feature incorporated into the sole.

We mentioned earlier that the benefit of a high top can often be the added comfort to the ankle. These Adidas Crazy Explosives do well in that aspect because of their superior fit and anatomical design. The anatomical design simply means that the shoe is structured to fit the normal anatomy of your foot,  giving you that close fit between the fabric and the foot.

I should also mention that it provides a great feel as you run because of the ventilation on the heel. The aeration reduces the amount of sweat produced, which if not kept in check can interfere with the grip required to keep your feet well contained within the shoe.

The collage of fabrics from which the shoe is designed makes it easy to clean, which is important because who wants to own a great pair of athletic shoes that don’t look good after a week of use! The sole is excellent and durable because it covers a large area of the shoe.

The comfortable lining and wrap up of the foot by the laces provide great relief from the pressure that is felt on your feet when you come down out of a jump and  land hard. This relief in pressure allows you to focus more on running faster and jumping higher. The pressure felt on the heels in some other shoe brands can sometimes be quite unbearable and will slow your pace and limit your performance.

We have chosen this as the obvious winner compared to the other products because this shoe provides the energy boost, which is directly proportional to the effort and energy given off during games. Simply put, the more energy you exert on the court, the more energy will be distributed onto your feet, giving you that extra speed and energy when you need it.


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