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The Best Mouthguard for Braces

Playing contact sports in itself can be a very dangerous activity. It’s something that requires you to have the right kind of gear to protect yourself during those fast-paced games. But playing sports with braces can introduce a new level of risk to the sports we love. No doubt, you’re expected to get bumped and hit when you’re playing these kinds of sports but braces can act as a severe weak point and needs special attention. If you’ve ever gotten hit in the mouth while wearing braces you know exactly what I mean. 

This is why it’s highly important that you wear the recommended safety gear so that you don’t end up with any harmful injuries that could send you back to the dentists’ office.  The best way to do this is by wearing specialized mouthguards designed with braces in mind. There are many out there to choose from and we’re going to be showcasing some of the best ones below.

UnderArmour already has a pretty good track record with making exceptional sports gear and equipment, so there shouldn’t be any doubts over the quality of their products. This is certainly the case with their Strapless Multi-Sport Mouth Guard.

Mouthguard Design

At first glance, the Under Armour Braces Multi-Sport Mouthguard looks like any other mouthguard that you can buy today. It’s available in a cobalt blue color bearing the Under Armour logo on the front side of the mouthguard. Although it’s primarily designed with the upper jaw in mind, you can just as easily use it on your lower jaw with no real issues. 

The Under Armour Multi-Sport comes in two basic sizes; a youth size for ages 8 to 10 and an adult size for ages 12 and up. Generally, the fit is suitable for most people out there as long as you follow the size guidelines. However, some people have noticed that the fit of the mouthguard tends to be a bit tighter over their braces than what is normally expected. 

Mouthguard Features

You’ll be happy to know that the Under Armour Multi-Sport Mouthguard is made from safe materials and is completely latex-free. It also incorporates Under Armour’s patented heat resistant design. This means that you’re free to boil and microwave the mouthguard to sterilize it without any problems. The mouthguard can be refitted as many times as you want without losing its grip and falling off.  It stays on fairly well once it has been applied and has a dentist like fit. 

Unfortunately, this guard doesn’t come with its own case or carrying pouch to put it in. This can make it somewhat harder to take it from place to place without it becoming contaminated in the process.

Mouthguard Protection

The Under Armour Strapless Multi-Sport Mouthguard is one of the best mouthguards for braces. It provides superior protection especially when facing hard contact sports. It has a pretty decent fit and incorporates a chew-resistant design. This means that you won’t face any deterioration from chewing or grinding your teeth with the mouthguard on. It’s also water-resistant which protects from shrinking with extensive use or washing.

Once you have the mouthguard on, it has a breathable fitting to it that works perfectly for long matches or practice sessions. You can easily talk, drink water, and move your mouth without the mouthguard restricting your movement in any way. 

Shock Doctor Ultra Sports Mouthguard for Braces

Shock Doctor is another big name in sports gear and accessories. They have a whole range of sports goods and protective gear. They’ve previously partnered up with sports leagues like the NBA, USA Baseball, WNBA, Jr. NBA, as well as the American Association of Orthodontics. It’s safe to say that they have a good track record when it comes to protective gear that ranges from some of the best mouthguards for braces to some of the best mouthguards for basketball in general.

Mouthguard Design

Right off the bat, you’ll be able to notice the unique design of this mouthguard. They have a nice triple-layered design which gives it a clean look. You can choose to buy this mouthguard in seven different colors depending upon your preferences. These colors include Blue, Black, BlueRaz, Red, Rocket Punch, TransBlue, and TransPink. 

This mouthguard is only designed for use on your upper teeth. The way the design is laid out makes it nearly impossible to try to adapt it for any kind of lower jaw use. This is unfortunate for anyone that wants to be able to protect their lower teeth. 

Mouthguard Features

One of the most notable features of this mouthguard is that it comes in a host of different varieties. In addition to being able to choose between 7 different colors you also have the option of choosing between a flavored mouthguard or a non-flavored mouthguard. You can choose between kids and adult sizes depending on your fit. 

The Shock Ultra Mouth Guard also incorporates a unique quick-release convertible tether. This tether is attached to the mouth guard and acts as a strap. This way you have the versatility of having a strapped or strapless mouthguard all on the fly. 

Mouthguard Protection

The Shock Doctor boasts superior protection thanks to its triple-layered construction. The three layers act in tandem to absorb any harmful impacts and keep your jaw secured. Fitting into the mouthguard is easy and all you have to do is boil it in hot water and press it against your teeth after a while. This will create a secure mold for your teeth to fit in. This safe fit ensures that the mouthguard doesn’t fall off or have any harmful gaps.

There is a breathing channel incorporated into one of the layers of the mouthguard which helps you easily breathe and talk. You’ll find that this makes the mouthguard extremely comfortable especially considering that you can remold it again if you think the fit is loose. 

Battle Fangs Football Mouthguard with Removable Strap

Battle Fangs is more of an up and coming brand for mouthguards. You won’t find much information about them out there. However, they do tend to get a lot of favorable reviews online. You can use this as an indication of their level of product quality. 

Mouthguard Design

Just by looking at the name and the design of the Battle Fangs, you can tell that they were developed with style in mind. The mouthguard has a very prominent design featuring canine teeth on the front side complete with two long fangs. They come nine different colors all with color-contrasted fangs for added effect.  These colors include Blue/White, Neon Green/White, Gold/Black, Neon Yellow/Black, Red/Silver, Pink/White, Pink/Black, Red/White, and Silver/Black. 

All of these colors pop out nicely with design and make for a vivid mouthguard that you absolutely love to show off. This makes them the perfect mouthguard for kids and teens.

Mouthguard Features

The Battle Fangs mouthguard comes in two sizes; a youth size for ages 9 and younger and an adult size for ages 10 and over. The great thing about the mouthguard is that it comes in a two-pack meaning you have a spare with you on hand. This can be especially helpful if you lose or damage your mouthguard during a game or even if you just like having a spare one around. 

The one problem reported with this mouthguard is that it can shrink after multiple uses which can be bad if you’re planning on buying one for long term use. Another issue is that this mouthguard doesn’t come with any straps or carrying cases. 

Mouthguard Protection

The Battle Fangs offer fairly good protection from most sports contacts and collisions. The mouthguard package comes with two pieces. The second piece has the option of being used on the lower jaw allowing for full mouth protection. You can also use only one and keep the other as a spare.

The molding process for this mouthguard is fairly easy and can be done within a minute. All you have to do is boil for 30 seconds and bite down to get the perfect mold. Even if you mess up, this mouthguard allows you to remold as many times as you want which is fantastic when it comes to braces being adjusted regularly. This can be helpful for reviving your mouthguard after it has deteriorated as well from  heavy usage. 

Battle Oxygen Predator Football Mouthguard

Battle is another fairly unknown brand, they sell a variety of sports products through various online stores. Although they don’t have major brand representation, the company does have generally favorable reviews from buyers.

Mouthguard Design

One of the most unique things about this mouthguard is its design. Instead of opting for a single jaw insert type mouthguard, Battle has opted for an interesting mouth shield design. This makes it so that the guard is always visible on the outside of your mouth. This makes for a great way to show off your stylish mouthguard.

The Battle Oxygen Predator comes in 11 different color combinations each with a canine teeth pattern on their face side. The available colors are as follows; Blue/White, Orange, Neon Green, Pink/Black, Gold, Predator Black, Pink/White, White/Black, Yellow, Red/White, and Silver/Black. They only come in one size which Battle claims will fit almost anyone without any problems. 

Mouthguard Features

The thing that sets the Battle Oxygen Predator apart from the rest of the mouthguards is how breathable it is. Thanks to its unique O shaped design, the mouthguard offers more airflow than conventional mouthguards. This means that you get to breathe easy even in intense physical conditions during your sports training and field matches. With all that hardware in your mouth at once this is what truly makes this one of the best sports mouthguards for braces and for those without as well. 

The mouthguard also comes with its own detachable cord that you can hook it up to. This allows you to use it as a strapped or non-strapped mouthguard depending on your preference. It also fits in nicely with safety helmets which makes it stay safe and secure even during the most intense activity. 

Mouthguard Protection

The Battle Oxygen Predator provides excellent protection against any sports injuries. It’s made from a composite material that softens the blow to your gums, teeth, and even your lips. Getting it ready for molding is ridiculously simple since all you have to do is bite down. You don’t even have to go through the hassle of boiling it. The final fit is perfect for accommodating jaw irregularities and even large braces.

Redline Sportswear Custom Molded Mouthguard with Case

Redline Sportswear is a well-established brand online. They generally gain overwhelmingly positive sentiments from their customers and reviewers. In terms of quality assurance and value for money, they fare pretty well.

Mouthguard Design

The design for the Redline Sportswear Mouthguard is simple yet effective. It comes in a two-layer design with indentation for your molars. On the front, you can find the Redline logo. The outer layer of the mouthguard is black while the inner layer varies for different colors like Pink, Red, White, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Gray. 

The mouthguard itself is made from completely safe materials and is FDA approved. It’s free from harmful substances like PVC, BPA, and Latex.

Mouthguard Features

The best thing about the Redline Sportswear is that it comes with its own clear carrying case. You can easily store and carry your mouthguard in. It makes it a great option for keeping your mouthguard safe from getting contaminated or damaged. Additionally, you even get a key ring with a clip attached to the case. This allows you to easily hang it to your locker or backpack.

Mouthguard Protection

Redline Sportswear offers some of the best protection for contact sports with its moutguard. The one size molding allows you to get the perfect fit for your jaw. This prevents slippage and shifting during extensive use. 

The unique two layer design gives you added protection from damaging forces. The inner gel layer helps protect your teeth from big impacts and keeps them secure. The mouthguard even has gel pads on the bottom that help disperse forces evenly. This levels out any hard jolts and reduces the impact concentration. This makes it the ideal mouth guard for combat sports like MMA, Boxing, Kudo, and Karate.


Mouthguards come in all kinds of different varities and provide different levels of protection against contact sports. The list above should give you a good idea of the kind of mouthguard you should be getting for yourself to protect your teeth and prevent braces related injuries to your mouth. 


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