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The Best Cheap Basketball Goals of 2019

In my younger years my idea of cheap basketball goals was an old bicycle tire rim with the spokes cut out then screwed onto a piece of plywood and attached to the side of my house. IT was a glorious sight to behold. Luckily with the advent of online shopping you can pick up a new basketball goal for a really cheap price. Here are some of the best portable basketball hoop for driveway.

There are a number of really good places to pick up cheap basketball goals including Amazon, Walmart and Costco. I emphasize cheap because it’s really relative. If you’re new to the game and just playing for fun you will probably not want to spend top dollar on a net. However if you play fairly regularly you’ll know that paying an extra $50 for a basketball net with a sturdy backboard can make all the difference in the playing experience. 

Amazon Basketball Goals

I’ll start with the cheapest but ok quality basketball goal. Remember, you do get what you pay for but I feel that if you are on a real tight budget and still want to enjoy the sport this is your best bet. 

The 44 inch Lifetime Portable Basketball Goal has a very small but fairly sturdy backboard. The height is adjustable so playing at regulation height is not an issue. Unfortunately it’s support pole is fairly straight leaving little room under the net.  

Amazon has an ok selection of nets but one in particular sticks out above the rest. Now we’re getting a little more expensive but relatively speaking this is still a cheap basketball goal. The Spalding Pro Slam has a couple features that I love and feel are a bit essential to any serious player.

The angled support pole is a must to help reduce injuries. It can be easy to get involved in the game and not pay attention to how close you are to the base of the net or the support pole. These can be a serious hazard if not paid close attention to. 

The Spalding Pro Slam also comes with a ball return plate which is a nice feature for practicing free throws for any extended period of time. 

There is also the Lifetime Height Adjustable Basketball Goal which is the priciest of the three here but the ease of adjusting the net can go a long way for some people. If you have kids of varying heights and skill playing, or if you just like to dunk but your too short (I get it!) than this may be the net for you. 

Walmart Basketball Goals

Walmart basketball goals are relatively similar to those of Amazon except that the choices don’t seem as good. There are a lot more kids sized nets at Walmart where as Amazon has a decent selection of adult sized basketball nets. Just something to note when your making your selections. 

Costco Basketball Goals

I love Costco. They have some of the coolest products in their stores. I was there just yesterday and as always was amazed at some of their prices for top of the line products. That being said, their selection of basketball goals was horrendous at best. And their website is even worse. I would say they are not a serious place to go for any sort of basketball equipment. Not yet at least.

Final Thoughts

I prefer to shop online and have the box dropped right on my front doorstep and so for that reason I choose to buy my basketball goals at Amazon. 

The best cheap basketball goals on the Amazon site are the Spalding Pro Slam or the Lifetime Height Adjustable Basketball Goal. You can’t go wrong with the best portable basketball hoop for driveway when you choose one of these great hoops!


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