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Top 5 of the Best Adidas Basketball Shoes

Founded in 1924, Adidas is one of the worlds largest shoe manufacturers. With that title comes amazing design experience that continues to provide unparalleled comfort for basketball players everywhere. Adidas surprises with its plethora of styles and colors aimed to please even the most fashion driven players. But perhaps the most important aspect of the Adidas basketball shoe line is their ability to deliver on performance. Years of research into what makes a shoe the best-in-class for quick moves on the court and foot/ankle protection have played out in their footwear and should really be experienced first hand. Here are some of the best Adidas basketball shoes on the market today.

Some of the best Adidas basketball shoes are not necessarily the newest on the market. For the average basketball player, comfort and looks are going to be what are really important. A seasoned pro may will be more into performance based results. These Adidas shoes offer the best of both basketball worlds combining style, comfort and performance to varying degrees.

Adidas basketball shoes were designed to provide a wide range of colours so whether you’re looking for white, red or black Adidas basketball shoes they have it all and are quite reasonably priced. Adidas famous triple-stripped side walls continue to be a highly sought after look for men, women and youth alike. Although most sales revolve around Adidas basketball shoes for men, we have seen a real uptick in sales of Adidas basketball shoes for women as well so hopefully prices for them will continue to fall in the future.

How We Choose the Best Shoes

Finding the best basketball shoes is no easy task. We put hours of research into getting the best data and the most robust sampling of today’s ever changing market. One of our key metrics comes from player feedback. Likes and dislikes based on real people who use the shoes both on the court and off.

We put our own personal experiences to work for us helping make decisions based on price comparisons of other, similar shoes currently on the market. It can be challenging at best to analyze and correlate such a wide variety of shoes so we do it for you so you can spend your time on the court instead.

Style and value play a large part in some of our decision making process as many weekend players will choose looks over performance. We want you to be able to make your decision based on what YOU think is important and with so many different players at so many different playing levels, priorities are as varying as the choice of shoe colors.

We give our opinion based on what we think the best use for each of these outstanding shoes are. Although most can crossover and are fantastic in multiple areas, some shoes seem to stand a head above the others in certain areas. We wanted to showcase those unique and individual characteristics by listing our top pick for different categories which are found at the beginning of this review.   

Explosive Bounce

Explosive Bounce

With so many colours to choose from the Adidas Explosive Bounce is a sure fit for any stylish player. This shoe looks good both on and off the court. This shoe sports the traditional triple-stripe across the back side of the foot and a classic mesh top that allows the players foot to breath and stretch. High top supported ankle protection gives any player the overall sense of  security needed to score big and play hard. A mixed patterned tread with the Adidas stripes offers traction and stability for fantastic indoor play. Overall a great shoe with great looks and feel.

Dame 3

Dame 3

A hybrid shoe converging low top and high top, the Adidas Dame 3 has a style all its own. A cut-out to accommodate the ankles gives the player support without rubbing. High top shoes can sometimes aggravate pre-existing ankle injuries or in some cases cause ankle irritation when a poor design or inferior materials are used. This alleviates any comfort issues while still giving a sense of ankle security. One of the best features of this shoe is the fully customizable lacing options. A variety of lacing configurations allows the player to secure the shoe further towards the back giving a more solid support structure and overall feel. Great for guards or anyone making quick stops, starts and turns.

Hoops 2.0


The look of this shoe is what we would deem to be the typical, classical, quintessential Adidas shoe-look. It bares the Adidas logo in white on the exterior sidewall. A bit of a throwback to Adolf Dasslers original shoe. Most often found in black or white there are some options with red accented portions to add some color variation as well but most colors are fairly subdued. The treads use an alternating herringbone pattern with the Adidas logo on the heel. This shoe offers great support and ankle protection as well as a great feel to keep feet happy and healthy for hours of play.

Performance Crazy Bounce


The Adidas Performance Crazy Bounce is one of Adidas best basketball shoes. With a great look this shoe has some unique features. At the tip of the toes Adidas has inconspicuously placed their logo into the tread of the shoe. A subtle but kind of cool feature. The Crazy Bounce boasts a thick sole for great stability and cushion to soften the blows when coming down out of a jump. The herringbone pattern on the bottom of the shoe helps with traction and again gives this shoe a great look. As a high top shoe it offers superb wrap around ankle support and its slightly wider footprint is ideal for stability and comfort.

Cloudfoam Ultimate


A low top basketball shoe with an ankle area cut deep. This one from Adidas screams style and is designed with looks in mind.  Luckily it also performs well on the court. This shoe has thick cushioning for all your balling needs and a slightly higher arch support than some of the other Adidas brand shoes we’ve seen. A simple but deep herringbone tread gives lots of traction both indoors and out. A high tongue and simple lacing system make sliding these puppies on and off an easier task. This may very well be the future of all low top basketball shoes.

What Adidas Shoes Should You Buy

Adidas is a solid brand with years of experience under its belt and although we do have our favorites we would certainly be happy to play ball in any of the top picks on this page. Bottom line is that you need the right tool for the job. In our opinions, if you’re looking for style, go with the Cloudfoam Ultimate. For the ultimate in playing shoes go for the Explosive Bounce and for a really great look and feel combo go check out the Hoops 2.0.


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