Write For Us

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Are you an incredible writer? Do you have a fantastic idea for an article? Do you stand out above all the rest? 

Why not write for us? We are currently looking for high quality writers to guest post for us. 

What’s in it for you?

  • Exposure – Your leveraging our audience to promote your writing. They’ll get to know you better and may want to read more of your content. 
  • Do-follow link back to your personal site in the bio section of the post. 
  • Social media link in the bio section of the post
  • If we feel your article is exceptionally written and that it would truly benefit our readers we will share it on our social media sites and may feature it on our homepage

What are We Looking For

  • Health tips and guidance
  • Health related topics
  • Interest pieces or experience stories that stand out
  • New basketball or other exercise techniques
  • Evergreen topics
  • Honest, from the heart content that people would actually enjoy reading

What We’re NOT Looking For

  • Puff pieces that offer no real value to our readers
  • Poorly written or grammatically incorrect pieces. We don’t expect perfection but if it takes a translator to figure out what the article or post is about it will not be accepted and you will probably not hear from us
  • Irrelevant topics unrelated to basketball, health or fitness in anyway. Don’t submit an article on ponies thinking it will make the cut. Seriously, it happens!
  • Affiliate related content or reviews

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